by Church ov Melkarth

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    Single for the soundtrack to Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre with exclusive bonus material.

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A thousand curses to ye, may your torment see no end...

Single for the soundtrack to Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre with exclusive bonus material.


released November 27, 2014

Ritual Performed and recorded

Keys, Engineering, Vocals
Guitars, Samples, Loops:(recorded MMXIII)
Jon Natten

Lyrics from
Ye Book of Thee Wyrm



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Church ov Melkarth Houston, Texas

Arisen from scorn and ashes, Church ov Melkarth exists first and foremost as a cabal of esoteric occultism, and channel their energy into music designed to tear down the wall between this world and the next, and align the like-minded with the 63 current. ... more

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Track Name: Malediction (Thee Opening ov Thee Mouth)
The Opening of Thee Mouth

The magician shall prepare a dagger consecrated in fire and blood, in the name of Ninnghizhidda, and he shall shed his own blood. As his veins open his blood which is his life opens the gateways between flesh and soul, and the gateways between substance and void. Thus shall he spill his blood on the mark of the serpent and call forth:
Ninnghizhidda, horned serpent of the deep, watcher of the gates I invoke.
Open the gate that I may enter!
Open thy mouth and devour the light! Great Serpent, Stellarvore, awaken!
In the name of our father, ENKI, master of magicians, open thy gates so that I may enter!
Open lest we attack the gates!
Open lest we break down is bars!
Open lest we lay siege to the walls!

Then Thee Magus shall Take the consecrated sword and make widdershins, and cleave downwards the sign of the fivefold star

Open the gate lest I cause the dead to rise and devour the living!
Open the gates, lest I give the dead over the power of the living!
Open the gates lest I make the dead outnumber the living!

Then shall thee magus break the middle finger from an ancient corpse, dessicated by weathered years and crush it to dust then muddle it to powder with salt of the black sea and sulfur and cast thee mixture unto the howling winds and repeat:

Ninnghizhidda, spirit of the deep, watcher of the gates, Open!
It is not I, but MARDUK who commands it, and my name by calling is AGAKU!
Open thy gates by the power of the word MASHGARZANNA!
Open thy gates!
May the dead rise and smell the incense!
Spirits of the earth remember!
Spirits of the skies remember!
Zi dingir kia kanpa!
Zi dinger anna kanpa!
Track Name: Winter Solstice
We performed Crowley's Hymn To Pan and evocations of Sariel, Chemosh,and Samael